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Do to rising cost in gas some classses are not available at this time


16 Hour CCW


Veteran's 8 hour CCW Class

NRA Basic Pistol Certified CCW Class


DD214 or Military ID & IL DL/ID required

NRA Basic Pistol Certificate  

Veterans 16 hours (refresher) Course


(without DD214 or Military ID) 

(IL DL/ID is required)

3 Hour CCW Renewal Course 


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NRA Basic Pistol Safety Class
This is an 8 hour class

This class will give you an 8 hour credit to CCW class.  You will receive an NRA Certificate upon completion of course

To highlight the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential for selecting, safely handling, storing and cleaning a firearm.  

Some of the things you will learn in this class are:  Gun Safety,  Gun Storage,  Types of Firearms and Their Parts,  Magazines,  Ammunition,  What to Expect on the Range,  What You Need at the Range,  Disassembling & Cleaning Your Gun.  Range Time.
Minors (16 to 21) must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.  

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Advanced Concealed Carry Class
This is a 8 hour course

We will cover the following in classroom:

Defensive Mindset, Threat Assessment, Use of Cover and Concealment, mental/situational awareness



Part 1 

Gear Needed: None!  We provide everything!

This training is scenario-based training that induces the fear and stress of a life-threatening situation using role players and training firearms.

Adding Realism to Your Training.  Pushing beyond mere shooting. If they want to improve their self-defense skills, they need to add more realistic training into their regimen.

Reality-Based Scenarios

If a person is serious about defending themselves and their loved ones, this training is a must.  The scenarios developed by professional trainers mimic situations a citizen may encounter.  

  • A carjacking 

  • Being attacked/assaulted in a parking lot

  • A robbery at an ATM

  • Being approached while on your own property

  • A home invasion scenario

Each scenario is designed to put the trainee in a situation that induces stress and fear. The brain begins to perform at a higher level of output each time a stressful situation occurs. The process of repeatedly training at a high level of stress and fear inoculates the trainee against poor performance. The trainee will learn that violence often occurs at arm’s length. And getting their gun into action is more difficult than drawing from concealment at the range.

Part 2

Gear Needed:

Concealable Firearm and Proper Holster 400 rounds of Ammo

This training is live fire at target.  Learning the safe drawing and firing techniques, maintaining a ready position, observing your surroundings, magazine changes, rapid fire and much more.  Drawing and moving to utilize cover and concealment.  Live fire using cover and concealment in different situations.  

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Personal Protection Inside the Home

This is an 8 hour course


Situation Awareness, Threat Assestment, IL laws. Range qualification is different shooting positions .

(PPIH) Class-8 Hour Course

NRA Training certificate giving at completion

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New Shooter Seminar.jpg

New Shooter Seminar

This is a 1 hour class


This is Webinar class

No Range Time

Things you will learn in this class:  Gun Safety, Gun Storage, Types of Firearms and Their Parts, Magazines, Ammunition, Sights, What to Expect on the Range

 What You Need at the Range,  Cleaning Your Firearm

Women on Target Clinic

Clinic taught by Female Instructor


If you’re curious about firearms, whether for personal defense or to learn a new sport, Women On Target® is the perfect place to start. These instructional shooting clinics are designed to teach you firearm safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship, giving you the confidence you need to safely handle and operate a firearm upon completion.

Women On Target® clinics are available only to women — it’s a safe and friendly environment whether you’re picking up a gun for the very first time or are just brushing off some dust and need a little refresher. You’ll immediately feel at ease in the half- or full-day clinics, and will be provided with a hands-on, one-of-a-kind experience. No experience or equipment is necessary to participate.  

Additional Training

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Active Shooter Training

8 hour classroom 


Preparing yourself in an active shooter situation.  In the office or out shopping know what to do if it happens 

Personal Training 

Need some extra help, feeling unsure of conceal carrying.  

We will work with you on how to properly conceal your firearm.  Spend time at the range with you.

$25 per hour

Kids Firearms Safety

Parent or Legal Guardian present required 

Ages 10 to 15

$10 per student

Additional Services

Our fees do not include the State required fees
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FOID Card Assistance

Need help applying for your FOID card.  We will help you with the process and take the correct photo



Application Assistance

Will assistance you with your

concealed carry application process

We will take your picture and attach your certificate to your application